Sendy Newsletter : A Better Alternative to Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor

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Email Marketing when done carefully provides excellent results. If you have service/website and manage subscriber list then its best to consider all options before finalizing newsletter service.

The current industry leaders are MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Both of them have monthly subscription fee. Your monthly charges depend upon number of subscribers and frequency of emails sent.

Below is the screenshot of pricing of both these services (Click To zoom the image)

Amazon has started its SES (Simple email Service) which is way cheaper then these two. In Amazon SES it cost $0.0001 to send 1 mail per recipient. But unfortunately Amazon doesn’t provide any email client that can use this service.

This is how Sendy was born. It uses Amazon SES to deliver mails to Subscriber list and without any monthly subscription fee.

Below is comparison of cost of Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Sendy for 1,00,000 list

Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Sendy comparison

Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Sendy comparison

Sendy is the clear winner when it comes to affordability.

Sendy has one time fee of $59 and the license can be transferred to any domain on request.


It is a self hosted application that runs on PHP & MySQL. You will need hosting service like GodaddyHostagtor or any other. The current version is and it is updated often.

All the updates will be free until next major release i.e until version 2.0 for current buyers.

Features of Sendy

  • You can manage multiple campaigns from dashboard and provide your clients access to campaigns.
  • Managing list is fun with this application. It supports Mass import/delete subscribers, custom fields, single/double opt-in, custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page, thank you/good bye emails, subscribe form or API to add users (takes a deep breath), you name it!
  • You will get the realitblity of Amazon servers. This will land email in inbox and best delivery rate.
  • The feature list won’t be complete until I mention about beautiful reports which sendy creates for you. They are very easy to analyze with colourful pie charts. Its becomes so easy to analyze the success of your last blast. See it for yourself in below screenshot.
Features of Sendy

Features of Sendy

  • Even the community is very helpful. If you ever happen to encounter any issue then simply create a support ticket to head to forum to find/ask your question.

For installation instructions use the following link

How to Setup Sendy in WordPress and Magento?

As I already mentioned that the community is very active and a lot of developers are in process of creating plugins for this application.

To integrate sendy in WordPress you can install Sendy Widget PRO.

To integrate sendy in Magento you can install plugin from here

Before purchasing sendy or any other plugins you can also try out the demo of this application from this page.

For Video tutorial instructions you should watch the following video.

So, what are your thoughts about this. Are you going to install it? Did you face any issues and what are your concerns (if any)/ let us discuss all of them in comments section below.

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