Microsoft Makes Updates Compulsory in Windows 10

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windows 10 update rumours

With every new iteration of Windows Microsoft sets a support 10 years. They keep pushing new updates to fix bugs and security issues. However in all the earlier versions of Windows operating system it was user choice whether to download those updates or not.

Windows 10 is due to release very soon and the most recent build which has been released to beta testers has a major change in the way windows update work. This is considered as the last beta before the final release.

According to the latest change in End User License Agreement (EULA) Microsoft clearly states that “By accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice.”

This update in EULA has been done only for Windows 10 Home users. So, if you upgrade to PRO or enterprise version then you can bypass this restriction. The retail version hasn’t released yet and MS may decide to remove this new feature if it faces a lot of flak and criticism from online community.

Windows 10 Update in home edition has only two features which a user can select. They are : download, install and reboot the computer automatically, or simply download, install and ask to reboot the computer.

If you select the first feature then it will download, install and automatically reboot your system without any notification. However if second option is selected then it will ask for user permission to restart the system.

windows 10 update rumours

Now Look at the various Pros and Cons of this new update policy


  • Security: Automatic updates will greatly increase security since user will get the latest updates in their systems as soon as they are made available.
  • Features: New features will also get installed from time to time. These features may include new tools or improvements in built in apps.


  • Compatibility: Sometimes the updates break the functionality of certain programs or crashes them. So, users can’t protect these programs even if they know that the latest update will make certain programs useless.
  • Bandwidth Usage: Bandwidth usage may not be a big issue in developed countries but in 3rd world countries it is a major concern. Most of the people there have limited data plans.

Tell us what do you think of this latest move from Microsoft.



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