How To Merge Multiple Notepad Files using Command Prompt

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Occasionally everyone needs to merge data of multiple notepad files. It is no brainer to just copy and paste from one file to another but it becomes tedious when you need to combine around 20-30 files. One way to perform this task is by using software like Free File Merge which has user friendly interface and it can accomplish the job with one click. But software’s like these are not always at our disposal and it always good have some tricks in your pocked for such times. In this post I will cover this topic from very basics and you may skip few steps if have any prior experience of using Command Prompt in Windows.

How To Run Command Prompt In Windows

To run command Prompt you need to slick on start menu and god to Run. In Run window type cmd.exe and hit enter.

Steps to Merge Multiple Notepad Files using Command Prompt

  • Create a folder in your desktop and name it test. Put all the notepad files in this folder.
  • Now in command prompt type the following commands

cd desktop

This will change our location to desktop and now we need to move into test folder which contain all the new files. To do so type

Cd test

To merge all files present in test folder type the following command

Copy *.txt merged.txt

This will copy data from all files (“*” is a wildcard and is used to copy all text files) and paste into a new file viz. merge.

It will just take a few seconds even if you have hundreds of files.

If you know any other method (other than softwares or command prompt) then, do share it with our readers. Also in case you face any issues with the above commands then drop me a comment and I will get back to you.

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