How to change Text Background in Google Docs

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I use Google Docs on daily basis and it has made my job a lot simpler and easier. I am pretty accustomed to its interface and there certain settings that I can’t do without. Today was a bit of surprise for me as the background color option was no longer available. The Icon was no longer in its usual position and there were no settings in the menus. Even searching on internet about this change went in vain.

The change happened today itself and the official documentation of docs still refers to the old procedure of clicking the background ‘A’ icon. Below is screenshot of old and new Google docs

Old docs Menu


There are two ‘A’ icons one for changing text color and one for background color.

New Docs Menu

New Docs Menu

New Docs Menu

After spending some time in checking all the settings I figured that they have merged settings for text and background color under single ‘A’ icon. When you will click on ‘A’ icon there is a tab named “Highlight” (I missed it on first sight..I bet many of you would have also missed it). Click on it and you are now in background color settings. Similarly you can switch back to the text mode.

Backgyound color settings

Switching between text and Background colors

Do, let us know if you have ever faced such a situation when your favorite settings are no longer available in your tools.

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