How To Resume Youtube Videos From Last Played Time

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If you leave a video on Youtube without finishing it and later decides to watch it again then it starts streaming for the beginning. This not only wastes you internet bandwidth but also leaves with you the headache of finding the exact spot from where you left the video. Well if you no longer want to go through all this … Read More

14 Amazing and useful Windows 8 Shortcuts

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Windows 8 is the default operating system on most of the new laptops and computers. Whether you like it or not but you have to use it unless you are willing to format it (but then you will need to manually download and install all drivers). If you acquaint yourself with knowledge of windows 8 shortcuts then you can increase … Read More

AutoFill Magic Review, Comparison with Roboform and Video Tutorials

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Autofill Magic is a Firefox add-on created to make form filling process simpler and faster. This add-on is designed to create Tier 1 web 2.0 blogs. However due to its universal form filling capabilities it can be used for many purposes. What are the Features of Autofill Magic? Supports 120+ Web 2.0 Sites: This addon is regularly updated and supports 120+ web … Read More

How to change Text Background in Google Docs

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I use Google Docs on daily basis and it has made my job a lot simpler and easier. I am pretty accustomed to its interface and there certain settings that I can’t do without. Today was a bit of surprise for me as the background color option was no longer available. The Icon was no longer in its usual position … Read More

How to Do Batch 301 Redirects Using WordPress Plugin

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If you have ever changed permalink structure of your WordPress website then crawl errors in Google webmaster tools won’t be a pretty sight. I have a blog whose permalink structure had “/blog” in each url. Later when I decided to get rid of it then I was welcomed with hundreds of “404 not found” errors in Webmaster tools. This isn’t … Read More

Sendy Newsletter : A Better Alternative to Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor

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Email Marketing when done carefully provides excellent results. If you have service/website and manage subscriber list then its best to consider all options before finalizing newsletter service. The current industry leaders are MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Both of them have monthly subscription fee. Your monthly charges depend upon number of subscribers and frequency of emails sent. Below is the screenshot of pricing of … Read More

How to Block any Website Manually or with Portable Software

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Sometimes blocking a website on your computer becomes necessary. You may want to keep yourself away from distractions like Facebook, quora etc while working or to stop any software for checking/downloading its updated version. The task can be accomplished either manually blocking these websites or by using a portable software which you can carry with you in USB. I will … Read More

Best Software to Hide IP Address and Stay Anonymous

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How often have you considered protecting your identity online? If you are serious about online security then you should hide your original IP address while using internet. Ip Address reveals all important data like location, service provider details and opens the doorway for hackers to intrude into your computer. And if you are in a misconception that it might take … Read More

How To Merge Multiple Notepad Files using Command Prompt

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Occasionally everyone needs to merge data of multiple notepad files. It is no brainer to just copy and paste from one file to another but it becomes tedious when you need to combine around 20-30 files. One way to perform this task is by using software like Free File Merge which has user friendly interface and it can accomplish the job with … Read More

Free Clipboard Viewer: Copy Clipboard Data in Multiple Formats

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Whenever you use copy or cut function in windows OS then the data is stored in buffer area called clipboard. Data from this buffer area is retrieved while using Paste function. If you often use copy and paste then this tiny portable software can come handy for you. Free Clipboard Viewer can let you convert your copied data in multiple … Read More