Best Software to Hide IP Address and Stay Anonymous

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How often have you considered protecting your identity online? If you are serious about online security then you should hide your original IP address while using internet. Ip Address reveals all important data like location, service provider details and opens the doorway for hackers to intrude into your computer. And if you are in a misconception that it might take real hacking or coding knowledge to unveil one’s Ip address then it’s the time to face the bitter truth. Anyone… I repeat ANYONE can get all these details with just a simple script or software.

Whenever you visit any web page all your details including IP address, locations, browser, operating system, country and region are saved in server database. Webmasters can access this data anytime.

Let me show a little example of this below.. I hope the info will be alarming enough to make you think seriously about this matter.

Is there any way to Become Anonymous on Internet?

Problems always come with solution. You can hide all your information using Hide Ip software but selecting the best one among bogus software can be a hard nut to crack. I had spent the whole week in testing about 20 programs to select the best among them. Currently, there are many software which are using public proxies and these are as good as nothing.

Which is the Best Hide Ip Software?

After extensively testing I have found HIDE MY IP to be best among the lot. The testing criteria included anonymity, Speed, User Interface, Functionality, Price and Software updates. This is nicely build piece of software with very clean and intuitive interface. It gets regular updates and the speed of my internet connection was as fast as it was without software.



Is there any trial for Hide My IP?

Appholics users can get a 14 day trial by Clicking here and after trial they can get it for $29.95 and lifetime updates. It works on all windows and Mac operating system versions.

Are there any benefits other than Anonymity?

Yes, there are a lot of other benefits like

  • If you are blocked by any website then you can unblock yourself by changing ip address.
  • Some videos on youtube are country restricted but with Hide my Ip you can watch them hassle free.
  • It works with most of the software like Google Talk and other messaging software.
  • You can send emails with fake Ip address.

Don’t wait and try this wonderful product for free by clicking here.

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