AutoFill Magic Review, Comparison with Roboform and Video Tutorials

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Autofill Magic is a Firefox add-on created to make form filling process simpler and faster. This add-on is designed to create Tier 1 web 2.0 blogs. However due to its universal form filling capabilities it can be used for many purposes.

What are the Features of Autofill Magic?

Supports 120+ Web 2.0 Sites: This addon is regularly updated and supports 120+ web 2.0 sites. You can Signup on these websites, Post articles, change themes, edit profiles and save login details. Most of these websites have high Pr.


Multiple Profiles: You can create multiple profiles in autofill Magic. With each profile having its own set of usernames, passwords, address, articles titles etc. This helps in staying organised.

Setting of Multiple Profiles in Autofill

Setting of Multiple Profiles in Autofill

Support of Spintax:  For bulk posting in Web 2.0 websites, it is mandatory that the software supports spintax. Articles written in spintax format can generate thousands of unique variations and bypass Google panda penalties.

Little brief of Spintax Format

Writing hundreds of unique article can be difficult and time consuming. Spintax is used to make this process faster and easier. Google penalizes or devalue those articles which are copy of another published article.

To make articles unique, multiple words in the article are replaced with its synonyms. This doesn’t change the meaning of sentences yet make them unique for bots like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


I {love|really like|adore|like|really enjoy|absolutely love|have a passion for} {tutorials|guides} from { Windows 10 master| Windows 10 master Website}

After spinning the unique sentences created will be like:

I have a passion for guides from Windows 10 masterWebsite

I adore tutorials from Windows 10 master

I love tutorials from Windows 10 master

You can create upto 28 unique version of the above sentence.

Almost all other autofill addons available in Firefox repository doesn’t support spintax.

Remember Username and passwords: Since we can use spintax in almost any field like username, address, first name , last names etc it becomes extremely important that the addon remember details of registration of each websites. Autofill  Magic also lets you export usernames and password for each website with single click in CSV format.

Universal Form filler : Although the built in 120+ websites are sufficient for most seo task but autofill magic also has universal form filling capabilities. If the website you wish to singup for  doesn’t comes by default in this addon even then you can use to fill its signup forms.

It will automatically recognize most of the form fields and fill up them with relevant data.

Support Of Auto Captcha solving Services: Almost all the websites these days use captcha protection like recaptcha for human verification. This addon supports captcha solving services like Decaptcher, Deathbycaptcha and captcha breaker that automatically solves and fill the captcha fields correctly.

Support Of Auto Captcha solving

Support Of Auto Captcha solving

Cost of these captcha solving services is extremely cheap. For 1000 captches deathbycaptcha costs $1.39 and decaptcher cost $2.

Fill Form in Multiple Tabs: With the help of this Firefox add-on you can fill multiple forms simultaneously in different with  the single click of mouse or using shortcut hot keys.

If you are looking for quality Tier 1 links for your websites, Facebook pages, videos then Autofill Magic is a must have tool.

Support For Proxies: Autofill magic also support proxies which prevents sign up bans and lets you publish your articles without exposing  real ip.



Autofill Magic Vs RoboForm

Roboform is also a popular Software for form filling. It is available in both free and paid versions. However it lacks a lot of necessary features like spintax, remembering of usernames and passwords, no support for captcha solving services and no built in sites.

The only adavnge Roboform has is its copmatibilty with all popular browsers like Internet explorer, Google Chrome, safari  and Firefox. Autofill magic can only be used in Firefox.

Pricing of Autofill Magic

Autofill Magic is available in three types of Price

  • Monthly plan: $14.99 / month
  • Annual plan: $97.00 / Year
  • Lifetime license: $147.00 / Life (limited offer)

You can avail free 7 Day Trial version from of this addon by clicking here.

Documentation and Support for autofill magic

There are plenty of official video tutorials for this firefox addon. You can watch them by clicking here. These will help you to get overview of all the features and provide you all the tips and tricks.

If you have any queries or doubts regarding this addon then drop me a comment and I will revert with all the answers you need.

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