14 Amazing and useful Windows 8 Shortcuts

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Windows 8 is the default operating system on most of the new laptops and computers. Whether you like it or not but you have to use it unless you are willing to format it (but then you will need to manually download and install all drivers). If you acquaint yourself with knowledge of windows 8 shortcuts then you can increase your productivity. In this post I will reveal some of the most useful shortcuts that people are not aware of.

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List of Shortcuts for windows 8

  1. Windows key + x =  opens the Windows tools menu
  2. Windows key + c = opens the Windows 8 right sidebar. It is used for searching, settings and start button. If not using shortcut then you need to move mouse to top-right corner for this sidebar to appear.
  3. Windows key + d = this will minimize all the open windows and bring you to desktop.
  4. Windows key + f = this open the search bar used to find files. It is quite similar to windows 7 start menu search but only searches for files.
  5. Windows key + q = this is very similar to similar to previous shortcut but used for searching apps (installed programs).
  6. Windows key + w = It will open search window to locate settings.
  7. Windows key + h = It is used for sharing window.
  8. Windows key + k = devices window
  9. Windows key + l = this will open lock screen. Extremely useful in case you need to urgently lockdown your computer.
  10. Windows key + e = This shortcut will open my computer.
  11. Windows key + t = opens toolbar menu to select from open windows
  12. Windows key + u = opens ease of access center
  13. Windows key + i = opens settings menu (right side bar) for personalization, power, connections, etc.
  14. Windows key + p = ’project’ menu – used to configure two screens, a projector etc.

Most of them can also be used on windows 7. This list is far from complete and more edits will be done to improve this overtime. If you want to contribute to this list then you can post your favorite shortcut in comments and it will be included in the article after that.

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